Kansas iSportsman - Electronic permits

From now onwards electronic "iSportsman" daily hunt permits wilImage of Kansas State Park Logol be available at 14 wildlife areas The first step in obtaining the Kansas iSportsman permit is to Register for an account.  With the account, you are ready to "Check-In" and "Check-Out" to a property.  Check the Locations tab at left or above for a list of properties using iSportsman.. Properties include: Cheyenne Bottoms, Clinton, Elwood, Isabel, Jamestown, Kansas River (Fitzgerald, MacVicar & Urish), Lovewell, Lyon, McPherson, Melvern, Milford, Neosho, Slate Creek, and Texas Lake

Area Check-In and Check-Out options


  • On-line Check-In and Check-Out via a computer, smart phone or landline
    • Computer & Smartphone Check in: Click Here
    • Landline Check in: 1-844-500-0825
  • During registration you will be assigned a Permit # & you choose your PIN #.
    • You use permit # and PIN # to check in/out.
  • You may also use the card system as you have in the past.


Public Lands Daily Use Permit​

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