Registration Instructions

To REGISTER for a Kansas iSportsman account, click on the Register button on the lower left hand portion of the website.

  • Create a User Name and Password. 
    • These are your unique identifiers and you will use them to log-in to your account. 
  • Complete all information fields.
    • Once an email address is entered and confirmed, you are registered and a confirmation message will be sent to your email address.
      • If you do not provide an email address - iSportsman can not send "Forgot User Name" or "Forgot Password" information.
    • Use the PIN number to log-in to your account by telephone.  PIN is a 4-digit number you create. 
    • If additional information is required, you will be asked to supply the information the next time you log-in.
    • You may change passwords or any account information at any time by logging in and clicking “Manage Account” or “Change Password” buttons.
  • Choose a free permit – General Access Permit
    • This is a general access permit and does not include any licenses, permits or tags that are required.  It is valid on ALL properties listed on the Kansas iSportsman system.
    • Please PRINT and remember the permit number
    • The Permit Number will be used to log-in to your account by telephone.

Important information

  • Hunters MUST register for a Kansas iSportsman account BEFORE obtaining a Daily Hunt Permit. 
  • Daily Hunt Permits will be required from now on.
  • Registration is available only on-line using a computer or smart phone. 

If you forget your password then you may reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password button.  You will be asked for your User Name, Permit Number or Email Address.